We are convinced that you, entrepreneur, need new avenues to realize your desires. And we’ve created Kickston on this idea. How can we challenge you in a way that propels you forward instead of discouraging you? How can we create an ecosystem that provides both challenge and support? How can we provide the challenge that you crave, while also providing reliable support? How can we ensure that you have the space to take risks and the confidence to innovate? We believe that you want a playground to reinvent the rules and push your boundaries. With us, you will find something new. Something who makes a real impact. An ally who’s willing to challenge you, to push you when necessary. An ally who knows what you’re going through : we’ve been in your shoes. An ally who supports, challenges and inspires you to make your vision a reality. An ally who provides you the ressources, expertise and guidance you need to bring your idea to life.
The future is yours to shape. Make a real impact.

A new brand, different.


the ability to see something new and the capacity to defy the status quo


the confidence and courage to take risks


the perseverance to continue working hard and pushing through challenges until you reach your goal


the ability to bounce back from difficult situations and remain strong in the face of adversity

With us a network of experts, all entrepreneurs.

Alexandra André
Investor expert
+10 years at Serena Capital
Vecteur d'image's founder (Exit)
Hugues Franc
Pitch expert
Réseau Entreprendre Paris's founder
Raise Fund committee
Jean-Etienne Palard
Valuation expert
+ 10 years M&A employees
Head of Finance Business School
Eric de Montlivault
Consumer Expert
Maison Payen 1730's founder
Ex. Estée Lauder Head of Sales
Jean-François Fliti
Tax expert
Allure Finance's founder
Ex. Indosuez's Private banker
Claude Cosson
Software expert
+20 years as CEO - Perigee, Wedia
Ex. ParTech Venture Advisor

Let's shape the future together

To change the world, the new generation of entrepreneurs need the right support : expertise and guidance in developing and executing their ideas. If you are one of them, Kickston is your new ally to take on during challenges and will be your best sparing partner.